Coffee Bags

The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags are a great choice for a barista coffee experience on the go. Each coffee bag is individually sealed for freshness, delivering a full flavoured perfect cup of coffee in no time.

Italian Espresso Coffee Bags

A unique blend of dark roasted beans, with an authentic continental aroma and full-bodied flavour.

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Gold Colombia Coffee Bag

Rich, dark and aromatic, this blend is full-bodied with deep chocolate and nutty flavours.

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Mocha Kenya Coffee Bags

The finest quality coffee light roasted Kenyan beans blended together and medium roasted to produce a smooth flavour with sweet acidity and a rich aroma.

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Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

A delicious full bodied, extra dark roast decaffeinated coffee for your enjoyment. Less than 3g of caffeine per kg.

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