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FreshFood Services proudly manufactures some of Australia's most renowned and iconic coffee brands. As a business, we pride ourselves on selling a quality product, providing a first class service at a fair price and offering value for money. You can be assured that our expertise, knowledge and quality are instilled in all of our brands. 

If you’re a hotel, restaurant, hospital or café, you know customer satisfaction is key. FreshFood Services can tailor a wholesale coffee solution for your business and help you exceed your customer’s expectations.

Contact us today to discover how adding any of the FreshFood Services brands to your menu can compliment your offering, make life easier, improve coffee quality and most importantly keep your customers happy.


Cafés and Restaurants

FreshFood Services work with all types of cafés and restaurants, focusing on quality, customer service and a tailor-made coffee solution that is right for your business, whatever its size.

We are the largest commercial roaster in Sydney and with that comes the stability, reliability and quick delivery times that you need to get the job done. Local roasting and packing means that you can always serve and enjoy our coffee at its maximum freshness.

From coffee and equipment to training, we can provide you with a full package service that will allow you to focus on the front of house.

How can we help you improve coffee quality and exceed your customer's expectations?  Get in touch to discuss your business requirements



When you are living out of a suitcase familiarity is important, so supplying well-known and well-loved brands to your guests will improve their stay and encourage return business.

In a competitive hotel market, the small things can make a very big difference. Using FreshFood Services' convenient single serve sachets, coffee bags and plunger bags can help you stand out in the crowd.

We can offer an in-room caddy specifically designed to showcase our range of portion controlled coffee and tea. We have a variety of products and can tailor a business solution for all levels of accommodation providers.  

Regardless of budgets, customer profile or preferences, contact us today to learn how you can help your guests wake up on the right side of the bed with our quality coffee solutions.



FreshFood Services offer a diverse range of hot beverage options. From instant coffee to espresso machines requiring fresh milk and fridges, we can tailor a solution to suit any business or office environment.

Our ingredient dispensers are a durable and convenient offering for businesses who require a fuss-free solution. These units can supply a portion controlled serving of coffee, chocolate, whitener, soup and hot water and are perfect for industrial style outlets with kitchenettes and smaller offices.

This is a hygienic and cost-effective way of providing hot beverages for your staff and customers. Depending on how many staff you have, how many cups of coffee you drink a day and whether you have access to milk or fridges, we can find the right solution for your business needs.



Hospitals often get a pretty bad wrap in the food and beverage department, but that needn’t be the case when you choose any of the brands offered by FreshFood Services.

Whether you are in hospital or just visiting, a good cup of coffee can make the world of difference. Our Café on the Spot Trolley delivers freshly brewed coffee to patients, without them having to leave their beds.

Our products range from traditional espresso, automatic machines, single serve sachets and bedside service. Whatever area of the hospital you need to service, we can help you find a convenient solution.

We understand compliance issues, red tape, tight budgets and health and hygiene. We can provide a cost effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. 



Strategic Partnerships

FreshFood Services supplies to a select circle of distributors. If you are interested in discussing a strategic partnership, please complete the application form and a member of our business solutions team will be in contact with you.

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