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FreshFood Services is a leading Australian coffee manufacturer who specialises in providing complete business coffee solutions for your business.

We have been transforming premium beans into exquisite coffee for over 60 years and produce many of Australia’s leading brands including The House of Robert Timms, Bushells Coffee, Picco, Café-Bar and Europa (only available in Australia).

Whatever your needs, FreshFood Services can provide you with the coffee, equipment and service you need to help grow your business. No matter what your business size – we are your coffee experts.

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We are the only company in Australia providing coffee in all its forms. From coffee beans to roast and ground coffee, our unique coffee bags to pulverised and soluble coffee.

Whatever form it takes, we are passionate about producing consistently great coffee that suits your needs – whatever they may be. Due to the breadth and depth of our range we have a complete coffee offering for any business, café, home, restaurant, hospital, office, hotel or retail outlet.

FreshFood is a proud member of Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc. (ACTA).  ACTA represents the Australian coffee industry and continuously strives to improve standards, provide a platform for education and promote the image of coffee and was involved in the successful negotiations of the exclusion of coffee from GST.

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We source green beans from all major coffee growing regions around the world and roast them in Australia using strict and specific standards. We are very serious about food safety and quality. View our Quality Policy here. FreshFood is a SQF and HACCP accredited Food Manufacturing Facility.

All beans are rigorously evaluated at every stage of the process – from the moment they arrive at our Concord site, throughout roasting and prior to delivery to your door. Our beans are expertly blended and roasted to produce a range of profile roasts and flavours. Roasting locally ensures you and your customers can always enjoy our coffee at its maximum freshness.

All FreshFood coffee beans are packaged with a one-way valve to maintain freshness and quality.  All of our products come in an extensive range of convenient sized packs and use a range of traditional, Fairtrade and decaffeinated water processed beans.

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We do more than just manufacture coffee.  Our passion is creating coffee that suits every individual’s needs. All of our staff are passionate about ensuring your customers get the perfect cup, every time.

Every blend of FreshFood coffee is evaluated by our team, which includes our trained Coffee Technologist Sam who is a certified Q Grader (Coffee Quality Institute, USA) and Coffee Expert (Coffee Board of Kenya). This coffee evaluation then continues with our specialised QA and R&D Teams.

The process doesn’t stop once we have delivered you your coffee. Our team of customer service specialists are on hand to help answer any questions and our National Barista, Ross is available to provide the professional training required to get the most out of your coffee, machine and staff.

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FreshFood is committed to sustainable practices and partnerships to uphold a positive long term environmental impact. Our partnerships with various Australian businesses is important to us, we provide our coffee grounds to be used in potting and fertilizer mixes.

Coffee grounds are in fact effective at invigorating gardens to promote healthy garden growth.  FreshFood will continue to discover alternatives and partnerships for the benefit of a sustainable future for our community.

Furthermore, we save our hessian coffee bags from landfill and we recycle them with the help of Australian Disability Services by creating environmentally friendly carry bags.  If you would like to purchase coffee grounds or hessian coffee bags please contact our friendly customer service team.


As a provider of a range of beverage products and services, FreshFood is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its product packaging.

We’ve introduced a number of measures and guidelines to ensure our packaging is produced (and disposed) in a sustainable manner, without compromising safety and quality of products. Our packaging is designed to be user and environmentally friendly, as well as optimised for transport and distribution.

We use renewable and recyclable materials to produce our packaging where feasible, and reduce packaging waste at all stages from manufacturing and distribution, to utilisation and disposal. For purchased packaging, we sourced them from responsible suppliers that practices sustainable operations.

Beyond our own operations, FreshFood makes every effort to ensure our packaging is used and disposed safely. With appropriate pack labelling, customers will be aware of how to dispose used packaging. On a long term basis, FreshFood aims to continue seeking for new technologies in order to maintain the sustainability of packaging materials.


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