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Picco captures the imagination of coffee lovers who appreciate the fine art of espresso coffee. For today's fast moving café culture society, we bring you Picco espresso, the coffee exclusively for the café and restaurant trade. 

Picco blends include Espresso Grande, an extra dark roast of quality Arabica beans from equatorial regions. Grande produces a full-bodied cup of coffee with distinctive flavour hints of chocolate and toast. In the tradition of authentic Italian espressos, its strong aromas are a prelude to its golden crema and lingering aftertaste. 

Plus the popular Ricco Espresso, a special blend of beans from some of the world's best coffee growing regions. Ricco is formulated specifically to deliver maximum strength and body to cappuccinos and lattes. The blend carries a hint of liquorice, before finishing with a clean, slightly woody aftertaste.

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